About us


We are a community choir based in the Eastleigh area of Hampshire.  



We simply  enjoy singing together and like to perform a number of quite  informal concerts to entertain local groups and support charitable causes.  




We rehearse during term time on Tuesday evenings from 8 to 9.30pm




We  want to encourage people to sing so we don't expect you to read music and we don't audition.





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It's all about singing together 

If you're new to choirs you might be surprised how easy it is to sing with us.  As you take on more challenging pieces, you may well find you have become part of a group for whom singing together is a most delightful habit.  It's what you do, it does you good and it's an important part of your life.


There are all sorts of reasons for joining us.  We have a wonderfully gifted professional director of music, Gemma Nichols who, with great charm, has us happily  harmonising  together.  Then we have Ben Nichols, a professional composer and musician who is our accompanist and arranger.  We manage to balance commitment to the choir with the demands of day to day life.  Our repertoire is full of variety and regularly refreshed.  


We have a small committee which does a vital job looking after all the business to keep everything running smoothly.


Everyone in Gospel Phonics has a share in the choral tradition of this country. This  form of music making is as popular today as ever.  We take music seriously and performance is important to us but we are quite informal in our approach and feel that sociability adds to the enjoyment of singing together.


These are just some of the reasons why this group is fun to sing with. so why not give us a try a find out  for yourself?


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